VapoWire Kanthal A1

VapoWire Kanthal A1


VapoWire Kanthal A1

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The first feature of Kanthal A1 Vapowire is that it is a resistive wire created by vapoteurs for vapoteurs.

Kanthal A1 wire coils are wound in the machine and packaged directly.
This production process ensures that contaminants are minimized, and a guaranteed maximum lifetime over Kanthal
vaping experience and a very high quality.

Features wire Kanthal A1 - Vapowire

- Length: 30 ft (= 9.14 meters)
- 100% Made in USA
- Coil wound 100% machine and individually packed in cardboard box:
Equivalent Gauge (AWG) / mm

AWG (American Wire Gauge) is a measurement unit for measuring the diameter of an electrical conductor wire.
The number of operations needed to produce a wire of a given diameter designate the value of Gauge. Eg 28 AWG means 28 passages in the drawing machine.

22 AWG = 0.65 mm
24 AWG = 0.51 mm
26 AWG = 0.40 mm
28 AWG = 0.32 mm
29 AWG = 0.28 mm
30 AWG = 0.25 mm